Course List
11.03.04 Electronics and Nanoelectronics
  Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Nanoelectronics
(4 year program)

Vacuum, Plasma and Solid state Electronics

    Information Technologies
    Basic Physics of Electronics
    Magnetic Elements of Electronic Devices
    Signal processing Mathematics
    Materials and Components of Electronics (read in English)
    Electronic Circuit Design and Analysis
    Microprocessor-Based Systems
    Microelectronics (read in English)

Bases of Microprocessor Engineering

    Basics of Converter Equipment
    Physics of Condensed State
    Automatic Control Theory
    Theory of Electrical Circuits
    Digital Devices (read in English)
    Circuit Technique
    Power Electronics (read in English)
11.04.04 Electronics and Nanoelectronics
Specialization: Electronic Devices and Facilities, Electronic Control and Diagnostic Systems in Engineering and Medicine
  Master of Science in Electronics and Nanoelectronics
(2 year program ). Students holding the Bachelor of Science may choose to further specialize with a Master of Science.

Methods of Mathematical Modeling

    Information System Interfaces
    Computer Technologies in Scientific Research
    Data processing and display systems

Electronic Industrial Facilities

    Designing and Technology of Electronic Component Base
    Actual Issuess of Modern Electronics and Nanoelectronics
    Microprocessor Control Systems

CAD of Electronic Devices (read in English)

    Dynamics of the Controlled Converters (read in English)
    Modulation Drivers of Voltage and Current

Programmable logic Device (read in English)

    Automation and Control Equipment
    Analog Signal Processors (DSP)
12.03.04 Bioengineering Systems and Technology
  Bachelor of Science in Biotechnical Systems and Technology
( 4 year program )

Humans and Animals Biology

    Biophysical Fundamentals of Living Systems
    Measuring Converters and Electrodes
    Information Technologies
    Automation of Biomedical Data Processing
    Medical Bbioengineering Systems
    Biomedical Data Processing
    Introduction to Engineering

Bases of Microprocessor Engineering

    System Analysis
    Techniques of Diagnostics and Treatment
    Units and Elements of Biotechnical Systems
    Control Systems in Bioengineering
    Basic Physics of Electronic Equipment
    Digital Devices (read in English)
    Theory of Electric Circuits
    Electronics (read in English)
    Power Supply for Medical Devices
12.04.04 Biotechnical Systems and Technologies
Specialization: Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
(2 year program). Students holding the Bachelor of Science may choose to further specialize with a Master of Science .

Philosophical and Methodological Issues of Science and Engineering

    Mathematical Modeling of Biological Processes and Systems
    Biocompatible Materials
    Introduction to biophysical system
    System Analysis
    Topical Problems of Biomedical and Ecological Engineering
    Research Work

Russian Language for Academic Purposes

    Biomedical Instrumentation
    Processing methods of biomedical information
    Interaction of Physical Fields with Bioobjects
    X-ray Equipment
    Methods of the analysis and synthesis of medical images
    Russian Language for Academic Purposes
    Biomedical Sensors and Signals
    Optical Methods of Biomedical Research
    Computer Assisted Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics
    Computer Assisted Surgery
    Biomedical Data Exchange Protocols
    Ultrasonic Medical Equipment
    Research Practice
    Master Diploma Work
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