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System of the Commercial Control of Food Liquids iIn Pressurized Tanks


Block diagram of the measuring complex.


The system contains 2 independent tract level measurement, acoustic and manometer. This significantly increases the reliability of control.

Patent of Russian Federation №2253093.

Technical characteristics:

  • The maximum controllable level - 3 m
  • The minimum level - 0,1 m
  • Tank diameter - 3 m
  • The sensitivity of 0.6 litre
  • The maximum amount of 20000 litres tank
  • Number of channels - 6
  • Commercial control accuracy ±10 litres
  • Power consumption - 30 W.
  • The maximum distance to the measuring controller 1200 m
  • Dimensions of the measuring controller: diameter 0,15 m, length 0,3 m.
  • Weight 1,25 kg



The three-level system of collection, processing, transfer, display and storage of information.

1st level - Measuring Controller, the module that performs all the steps of data entry from 4 channels, 2 ultrasonic and 2 manometers.
Pre-processing of the input information.

2 - level - Connection Unit - Power.
Drafting of supply voltage, poll IR interface RS-485 signal binding to zero network, forwarding of received data in the personal computer (PC), visualization of the information from each of IR-2 6-digit seven-segment indicators.

3 - level - personal computer carries out the reception of all the information obtained, its processing, visualization, and archiving.



Measuring controller


The appearance of the controller in the housing of the measuring


Mounting the measuring of the controller to the tank


Tank 20000 litres with the control system installed in the number


Interface control program

  Authors: Soldatov A.I. Sorokin P. V., Makarov V.S., Tsekhanovsky S.A.  
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