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DC – AC Converters with Sinusoidal Output Voltage


 Technical characteristics:

  • maximum output power - 0.5 kW;
  • nominal input voltage - 54 V;
  • input voltage range - from 50 to 85 V;
  • the output voltage - 220 V+ 10 %;
  • output frequency - 50 Hz + 1 %;
  • output harmonic distortion - not more than 10 %;
  • dimensions - 500х300х220 mm;
  • weight - 25 kg

The DC - AC Converter is a power supply for many types of electronic equipment supplying by sinusoidal voltage of 220 volts, 50 Hertz. The device is used in the conditions, when the industrial line is unavailable, and when accumulator or DC generator are used as an energy sourse..
The device provides high stability and quality of the output sinusoidal voltage in a wide range of input voltage and load. Using a Converter in railway wagons can significantly improve the comfort of passenger carriage. The circuit is protected with a utility model certificate (Russian Federation).

Authors: Baginsky B.A., Ogorodnikov D.N., Yaroslavtsev E.V.




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